Bina Technologies is launching its Bina Box for on-premise genome processing, enabling researchers to quickly and cheaply analyze genomes and give doctors data-driven suggestions for custom treatments.

Use a genome sequencer to see one person’s DNA profile, and you’ll get 6 billion unique characters, or half a terabyte of data, said Bina co-founder and CEO Narges Bani Asadi. Start processing it to find mutations and variations, and you’ll find yourself with more than one terabyte. It’s not small data. As the price of sequencing a genome keeps dropping, scientists will want to do this more and more. It’s a big data problem, Bani Asadi said. The company wants to solve the problem on premises, with hardware and software.

The Bina Box will run on “high-end Intel processors and very high-bandwidth memory,” Bani Asadi said, and can scale out with additional Bina Boxes as customers processing needs change. Price depends on…

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