Press Release: Telecom Answers Associates announces Broadband Expansion Program (Bb-Ex-Pro)

Press Release: Telecom Answers Associates announces Broadband Expansion Program (Bb-Ex-Pro)


Telecom Answers Associates advises commencement of a Broadband Expansion Program to mobilise willing industry players in confronting the identified barriers to investment especially those of funding and capacity development. It is doing this in collaboration with and institutional support of the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC.

The Broadband Expansion Program is practically the implementation stage of various endeavours by several bodies and organizations to develop a roadmap for widespread exploitation of broadband internet access to complement efforts of Governments and enhance productivity.

In several of such previous efforts, our firm had played partnership to articulate the way forward and it considers that now is time to mobilise the industry.

Under this program, willing industry players will be coordinated via a process of capacity development and strategic funding mobilisation to attract investment into extension services of broadband infrastructure, content development, and to generally propagate multimedia services into all areas of Nigeria.

The program is open to all subsectors of the communication technology industry including telephone operators, internet service providers, infrastructure builders, equipment manufacturers and vendors, content builders, consultants, financial institutions and the media.

It will start, very shortly, with a capacity building workshop in which delegates of participating firms will be hosted, The workshop is not a talkshop but an active review of the results of past works in the forms of conferences, forums and summits held to articulate the way forward and an expose of how the Program will run.

It will take 36 months in the first instance to engage the program and review milestones attained.

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Engr. Titi Omo-Ettu
October 7, 2012.