Updated: Techies know how important IT is to a company’s success — what IT pro would ever say that IT doesn’t matter? But new research indicates that the boards of directors that are supposed to guide corporate strategies, are starting to get that message as well.

A survey of 175 board members by Gartner(s it) and Forbes found that improving IT was rated as important as boosting sales in terms of overall priorities.

This is particularly interesting since directors are not a particularly tech-savvy bunch — only 16 percent of directors have any background in IT, according to Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst Jorge Lopez.

The takeaway for IT professionals is that they must paint the IT investments they want to make in business terms that the board understands, for example showing how these improvements can cut costs, streamline the supply chain and/or improve the product mix. (In related news,

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Apple’s(s AAPL) most popular product is the iPhone. It makes most of its money from the iPhone too, leaving little doubt that it is the company’s core product. But in a quarter without a new iPhone, and one in which the iPad has continued to gather steam as it’s released in more countries, it’s worth wondering if the iPad could be finally rivaling the iPhone in terms of sales and significance to Apple’s bottom line when it reports its fiscal third-quarter earnings on Tuesday.

The iPhone, no matter what, is the product that will determine how investors react to these quarterly results — overall revenue is expected to be somewhere around $37.4 billion and earnings per share $10.35. If sales are up from the 20.3 million iPhones sold during the same quarter last year and the 35.1 million sold between January and March this year, investors will be ecstatic. Analyst…

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Today’s businesses require highly virtualized and services-on demand environments. And that’s causing the network as we have known it to undergo a dramatic change. Brocade is leading this transformation with cloud-optimized networks that simplify infrastructure, increase efficiency and provide scalability so you can deliver applications, services and virtualized desktops anywhere on the network, securely and without interruption. Soon we’ll even be able to do the same with your entire data center. The future is built in. Brocade has over 25 combined years in building data center networking and Ethernet fabric technology. Learn why 90 percent of the Global 1000 and two-thirds of the world’s Internet exchanges rely on Brocade at

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Plato on-line

Shameless isn’t it? Why are these dictators so brazenly flaunting the fact they are setting up a dictatorial global government?

‘A recent CNBC clip in which financial analysts admit to viewers that America is under the control of a group of central bankers who are building a world government is a damning insight into how the establishment has dispensed with any pretense of trying to hide their agenda as it is finalized…’

Personal Stories of Human Body Parts Trade
‘The head of Interpol has already responded promising to use his considerable resources to track the illicit trade in human body parts.

‘Meet some of the families affected by the trade in human tissue in this video…’

Top 10 Grisly Crimes That Earned Executions
‘Throughout the course of human history, criminals have been made to pay for their crimes in one form or another. Countless souls…

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