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No doubt, there are countless of reviews on this spanking brand new release of Samsung’s latest flagship product. Many of those are extremely detailed and rather technical reports. This is not another one of such reviews. Mostly, this will be one based on my own experience of using the Samsung Galaxy SIII (SGS3) in comparison with my old iPhone 3Gs, which essentially is the comparisons of features that are most significant to me AKA things that only I care about.

Having bought the SGS3 just last Saturday (I bought the blue pebble one!), my heart (and my pocket) is well feeling the punch. But it is the kind of pain that I do not regret. Then again, it’s only been 4 days. Switching from my old iPhone 3Gs, one of the first notable difference would be the size. Seriously, comparing the size of these 2 phones is like comparing…

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