The Roomba 790 is iRobot’s smartest vacuuming robot yet. Complete with a redesigned look, the 790 features a host of swanky new features including a wireless command center that allows owners to steer their little cleaning robotic slave around the house.

Never owning a Roomba I often imagine their haphazard work methodology to be akin to that of 4-year-old’s with an amazing ability to stay on task, just randomly sweeping bits of the room throughout the day. Now, with this remote, owners can likely increase the Roomba’s cleaning efficiency by better directing the ‘bot to the soiled area.

This remote is a long time coming. Now, all the Roomba’s standard features including more, can be controlled and initiated from this remote rather than the top panel of the Roomba. Actions such as steering, spot cleaning, and scheduling are all done from the wireless command center.

The $699 790 hits stores…

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